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Wuxi Hai Yu Ship Technology Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful shore of Taihu, Wuxi Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, is a professional aluminum alloy yacht fishing boat manufacturer. The company was established in 1996 as Shanghai Hui Hui yacht design matching Co., Ltd., and was renamed to the Wuxi city of Hai Yu ship technology in 2015. Limited company. The company has a professional design and construction team dedicated to the design and construction of high-end aluminum and magnesium alloys. At present, our company is able to design and build aluminum alloy yachts, aluminum alloy yachts, aluminum alloy yachts, aluminum alloy fishing boats, aluminum alloy yachts, aluminum alloy pilot boats, aluminum alloy law enforcement boats, aluminum alloy, and aluminum alloy, 25 meters and below. Gold leisure boat, aluminum alloy high-speed boat, aluminum alloy tourist boat, aluminum alloy business boat and all kinds of boat type.

Garden built on the boat! This will not too greedy in life?

Garden built on the boat!...


It's difficult to face the sea spring? Buy a seaview room will be OK if you still want to at the same time zhuifeng joomla possible?

South Korea court will sell east shipbuilding

South Korea court wi...

According to local media reports, Han Guochang will try to sell the original city district court chengdong, shipbuilding, and have chosen accounting firms from pricewaterhousecoopers (Samil PwC) to find the right buyer. East shipbuilding in March 22, appl

German industry how to do "crisis"?

German industry how ...

In recent years, the world economic growth is slowing, shipping market continues under the background of the downturn, Germany shipbuilding operation stability, the industrial structure optimization, in the field of luxury cruise ship built to keep the wo

Shanghai boat show 2018 point presentation

Shanghai boat show 2...

The 23rd April 26-29, Shanghai yacht exhibition was held at Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition area of 55000 square meters, including the W3, W4, W5 hall and outdoor plaza; A total of more than 300 testing result, including powerboat, sail

Bavaria shipyard "self-help custody"

Bavaria shipyard "se...

German Wurzburg commercial court held a Bavarian yacht hearings, ordered the company to a certain period (until June 2018) in "hosting self-help" manner, enter the autonomous management mode. We in Bavaria's official website confirmed the news. Event deta

5600 employees or unemployment! Hyundai heavy industries will close the sea shipyard

5600 employees or un...

By Yu Haigong orders dried up, the world's largest ship companies - South Korea's hyundai heavy industries plans to temporarily shut down its Marine shipyard in August, is this modern heavy industry department of Marine engineering equipment shut down for

In May 2018, the global shipbuilding industry monthly report

In May 2018, the glo...

1, the first five months of the new sign rose 37.64% from a year according to the latest statistics, clarkson in May 2018, a new global sign 42, a total of 1172197 CGT. Signed with April 2018 global new single 58, a total of 1480839 CGT compared to the nu

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